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How to get good domain?

What is domain name? First of all it is business card of internet resource. Its success and popularity depends on how easy it is perceived, memorized, pronounced and associated. It is not easy to think up beautiful, sonorous and lightly writing domain name. There are some advises, that may be useful in this process. Domain name should associate what is represented on site. It also can carry main idea of resource. In order to define word, that will represent all content of the site, you need think off the purpose of portal creation. After you define the theme, you should think about what exactly are people looking for in this category. If the site will be dedicated on services, you need understand, what is more useful in it for potential customers. The word that reflects this could be chosen as future domain name. Next step is domain name pronunciation. You should try to do it sonorous without various reading. Doing this you should orient on appearing associations. Probably on this stage, it will be necessary to add additional information. It is not eligible to add in domain name any symbols or numbers. As exclusion, you may use in name numbers denomination in English. But only that is easy readable and more known for most internet users. After you choose a name and edit it according to pronunciation, you should check how easy it is writing. It is not advisable to use letters that are various readable, and letters that include combination of symbols. In case of using such morphing, domain name will be difficult to reproduce it aurally, and that will be the case of troubles in spreading the information about recourse in future. One more criteria that define success of future domain name is it density. Domain name should not occupy several text rows. Optimal size should be from six to ten symbols. More symbols bring into existence of various problems as with reproduction as with subscripting by search engines. It is wonderful if you create domain name that consist of four or five letters. But it is too difficult to make it now because of big quantity of recourses that are registered in web, and as fact domain names. Finally we would like to add that you should not tend to copy current domain names than you create your own one. To opposite, try to check presence of conformable and similar names before registration. In future it will help you to avoid many problems that will appear not only in an area of copyright, but also when you work on popularization of your own recourse it is possible for you to share your success with your twin.

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