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Agreement about the grant of services
Society with limited liability ęCyberservicesĽ, called in the further "Executor", on behalf of director Pugachev Vadim Aleksanlrovich, the Charter acting the basis, publishes the present Contract about granting services (further - "Contract"), being the public contract-offer (offer) to address of the physical and legal persons, further called "Customer".
1.1. Contractor assumes obligations to perform services stipulated in Addendum 1 (List of Services to be Provided) and Addendum 2 (Price of Service) hereto being integral part hereof ( on registration (re-registration) of domains) and Customer shall accept and pay for the services provided to extent and within time limits corresponding to this Agreement terms and conditions. Customer choose type and quantity of services are provided by RU-NIC for Customer according to this Agreement independently and sending to RU-NIC the appropriate orders.
1.2. This Agreement is deemed executed after one of below listed events shall have occurred
1.2.1. After this Agreement is signed by both Parties.
1.2.2. In event when a prepayment is received for the services what is deemed to be this offer acceptance.
Prepayment for the services shall be received along with reference to Agreement number as issued by Contractor upon completing the Questionnaire. Payment receipt shall be deemed the deposit of cash funds to Contractorís bank account, provided always that Contractor has received evidence payment documents issued by bank identifying the payment.
1.2.3. In event when the domain name or another services are transferred to the Executor from another Registrar or the Executor Partner upon the Customer request. In this case an official document submitted by the Customer in accordance with the Executor rules or a request submitted with the Customer password using the Executor 's web-interface is deemed to be this offer acceptance.
1.2.4. In event when the domain name or another services are transferred to the Customer from another juristic or natural person. A notice from the Customer confirming the intention to receipt the services in accordance with the Executor rules is deemed to be this offer acceptance.
2.1. Parties under this Agreement shall acknowledge legal force and effect of the document texts received via communication channels as well as documents executed in simple written form. The following are exceptions from this rule:
a) this Agreement has been executed;
b) notice of this Agreement termination and modifications herein, except cases specified in clause 2.4 as well as those cases that are specifically expressed in documents referred to in Addendum 1
c) exchange of claims for which a simple written form is mandatory .
2.3. Parties hereto undertake all the responsibility for actions taken by their persons having access to communication channels.
2.4. In case of Contractorís changing or modifying Addenda to this Agreement and documents referred to in Addendum 1, the Contractor shall inform the Customer of the fact of such changes/modifications via communication channels and simultaneously publish any such changes at Contractorís web-server,
2.5. Changes/modifications, listed in the paragraph 2.4, shall become effective not earlier than 10 (ten) calendar days of the date of notice and publication.
2.6. In case the Customer accepts the changes/modifications, listed in the paragraph 2.4, this Agreement shall continue in effect taking account of any such changes/modifications. In case of Customerís disagreement, he shall notify Contractor before the moment of coming changes into force by delivering an official letter with delivery acknowledgement note and in such case this Agreement shall become ineffective as of the date of changes/modifications entering into force.
2.7. In case of Contractorís receiving official letter upon changes/modifications entering into force, this Agreement shall become ineffective as of the date of notice receipt. Services received by Customer starting from the date of changes/modifications entering into force until and including the date of receiving the notice shall be provided to the Customer taking account of changes incorporated.
2.8. Registration of domain names in a zone .RU is made according to the current version of the document of the Coordination center of the national domain of a network the Internet of the Rule of registration of domain names in domain RU published on a web-site
2.9. Registration of domain names in a zone .SU is made .according to the current version of the document of Fund of Development the Internet Regulations about of registration of domain names in domain SU, published on a web-site
2.10. Registration of domain names of the second level in the international zones is made according to the established Rules about registration of the domain names, approved by the Registrar of domain names in chosen for registration of the domain to the international zone. For registration of domain names in the international zones the Executor independently chooses the Registrar from among with what at the Executor are concluded contracts.
3.1. Contractor shall:
3.1.1. Follow the provisions of this Agreement.
3.1.2. Provide services in compliance with terms and conditions of this Agreement and Addenda hereto.
3.1.3. Provide consultancy advice on issues the Customer may have related to services provided to him.
3.1.4. Inform the Customer about the time and duration of any possible interruption in the provision of services, associated with technical maintenance, via Contractorís web-server, no later than 5 working days before the interruption begins.
3.2. Customer shall:
3.2.1. Fulfill the provisioins laid down in this Agreement .
3.2.2. Ensure timely payment of services provided subject to section 4 hereof.
3.2.3. As own responsibility, bear the risk of potential unfavorable consequences he may have in relation to loss and (or) disclosure by Customer of password selected.
3.2.4. Upon Contractorís demand and in timely manner provide reliable information required for the purposes of fulfilling this Agreement.
4.1. Cost of Services
4.1.1. Cost of services for residents is set in rubles and is determined by the tariffs for services, listed in the paragraph 1 of the Addendum 2 for the present Agreement. (Acting put the beginnings of execution of the order)
4.1.2. Cost of services for non-residents In the process of concluding the present Agreement the Customer-nonresident chooses the currency type, in which payments for services under the Agreement will be made. At that the Executor provides tariffs for services, Service Agreement personal account information and report documents in the currency, specified by the Customer. Cost of services for Customers-nonresidents, who have chosen US currency (dollars) to pay for services under the present Agreement according to the paragraph, is set in US dollars and is determined by tariffs for services, listed in the paragraph 1 of the Addendum 2 for the present Agreement. (Acting put the beginnings of execution of the order) Cost of services for nonresidents, who have chosen RF currency (rubles) to pay for services under the present Agreement according to the paragraph, is set in rubles and is determined by tariffs for services, listed in the paragraph 1 of the Addendum 2 for the present Agreement. (Acting put the beginnings of execution of the order)
4.2. Payment for services under the present Agreement is made by cashless statement by means of money transfer to the Executorís settlement account.
4.3. At the time of Customerís filing payment documents there shall be a reference made in line ďPayment designationĒ specifying number of his Agreement with Contractor.
4.4. Service ordered means Customerís consent to pay for such service at prices effective on the commencement date of such order processing.
4.5. Contractor, subject to effective service tariffs shall account for data on Customerís payments as well as services consumed by Customer at Customerís Agreement Personal account. Cash funds transferred by Customer are deemed deposited to the Personal account of his Agreement after such cash funds have been received at Contractorís bank account and provided always that Contractor receives bank payment confirmations to identify such payment. When payment is effected in cash to Contractorís cash desk, the funds are deemed to be deposited to Customerís Agreement Personal account. Immediately after such payment. Contractor will provide the Customer with access to the information of the Agreement personal Account using the Customerís individual administrative password.
4.6. The return of Customerís unutilized funds balance shall take place in case of Agreement termination to make use of Contractorís services, by bank transfer to Customerís bank account in any Russian Federation resident bank. Contractor shall take actions as are required to return, no later than within 10 (ten) business days of the date of Customerís delivering a written statement indicating the recipientís detailed bank data.
. Payment procedure for each service is described in the corresponding Service Schedule. If payment procedure conflicts with terms and conditions of this Agreement Contractor and the Customer shall comply with the provisions of the corresponding Service Schedule.
5.1. In case of omissions or inadequate performance of obligations hereunder the Parties shall be held liable as is stipulated by Russian Federation Laws taking account of terms and conditions set forth by this Agreement.
6.1. Parties shall be relieved from their liability in case of failure to perform their obligations hereunder, in part or fully, if such failure was caused by force majeure circumstances, which commenced after Agreement execution.
6.2. The Parties shall qualify such circumstances as those including: Acts of God, natural calamities and technogenic catastrophes, acts of terrorism, hostilities, civil unrest, official state authorities or local self-governing bodies passing acts containing bans or limitations in respect of Partiesí performance under this Agreement, other circumstances, which could not and could not have been anticipated or avoided by the Parties and which make Partiesí performance of obligations under this Agreement impossible.
6.3. A Party wishing to be relieved from liability shall promptly and not later than 3 (three) business days inform the other Party of such circumstances. Late notice of force majeure circumstances commencement shall divest such Party of its right to have a relief from liability.
6.4. Upon commencement of force majeure circumstances which prevent the parties from performing their obligations hereunder, the time period for Partiesí performing such obligations shall be extended proportionally to the time of such circumstances duration as well as time required to remedy their consequences, however not exceeding 60 (sixty) calendar days. In case of force majeure circumstances lasting after the above-mentioned time or when upon their commencement it becomes obvious to both the Parties that such circumstances shall continue over this time, then Parties undertake to discuss any possibilities of applying alternative ways of fulfilling this Agreement or its termination without liquidated damage compensation. Anyhow, the Contractor shall return to Customer the moneys unused under this Agreement.
7.1. This Agreement shall be entered into when signed and it shall continue in effect until end of current calendar year. Hereafter this Agreement will be automatically extended for the consecutive periods of 1 (one) calendar year unless either Party hereunder announces termination of this Agreement before and up to November 30 of a relevant calendar year.
7.2. This Agreement may be terminated:
7.2.1. Under either Partyís initiavtive
ŗ) if either Party is called insolvent (bankrupt);
b) in case provided for by clause 6.4 hereof.
7.2.2. Under the Executorís initiative
ŗ) in case of Customerís Event of Breach of cl. 3.2.1, 3.2.4. hereof;
b) in case of Customerís taking technical or other actions not envisaged by this Agreement, not authorized by the Contractor, which caused or may cause damage to be incurred by Contractor or any third persons.
7.2.3. By Parties written agreement.
7.2.4. Subject to clause 2.6 hereof.
8.1. Neither Party may assign any of its rights and obligations hereunder without other Partyís consent.
8.2. Law governing Partiesí relationship hereunder shall be Russian Federation Law.
8.3. All and any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement including its performance, breach, termination or invalidity shall be referred to Court for judgement.
8.4. All and any disputes shall be only settled based on claims presentation. Time to respond to a claim shall be established as 10 (ten) calendar days of the date such claim was received.
8.5. This Agreement is executed in 2 (two) copies. This Agreement contains the final and complete conditions of Partiesí agreement and it supercedes all previous correspondence and negotiations between Parties on its subject.
8.6. Any changes or modifications may only be made in the text of this Agreement subject to procedure specified by this Agreement.
8.7. Contractor hereby guarantees to use any information received from Customer, including Customerís personal data solely for the purposes of Agreement performance.
8.8. Customer agrees that information provided to Contractor through filling out questionnaires, other documents, including those executed in electronic form by Customerís posting such information in the specified documents sections bearing service mark ďnonexclusive informationĒ, will be placed by the Contractor in search tools (services) and it shall be made available to indefinite number of persons. List of data, which is obligatory for placement and is placed upon Customerís consent is given at Contractorís web-server.
8.9. The Russian text of this Agreement shall prevail.

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